Live Life to the Full:

Do you want to live a life of impact. Do you want to crush your goals and fulfil your dreams? There are many voices and colliding opinions in our social media age. Finding your voice can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

People are the greatest resource God has gifted planet earth. Each story of victory or fear and defeat is valid. Our job is to help people locate themselves in their story, and raise themselves above their predictable end. You can be more, do more and become profound.

Are you creating an alternative story for your world? Everyone has huge idle capacity. That includes you.

At CollideCentral you will fulfill your potential.


  • Quick Ways To Cultivate Mental Strength

    One moment I was fast asleep, the next I was moving my hand on my bedside table full of books, Fitbit chargers, sleeping Mac and I felt it ringing, vibrating.

    I picked the phone up as I groggily tried to break through my waking up vision to make out the time. 2:30 AM. As a counsellor, I know first-hand how human life does not end at office hours. She was in a dark place, she was in fear, she was having a melt-down. I could make out the trepidation and scary morbidity in her voice.

    “I am dying tonight, I can’t sleep, this feeling is crushing me. Her haunting words still echo to this day … “I am useless to this world; nothing will ever give me pleasure. I have lost all desire to look for work, I have walked away from my past role, and I live a dark cycle and I think it is better I die”.

    What makes you say that?…


    We work hard before-while-after growing up, ostensibly to get our lives to a point. We fight everyday not to live a life that offers no value, and end up without consequence. While many continue to chase the dream, their childhood fantasy, the grown-up ideal; less and less people arrive there.

    It seems to many that, their hopes and dreams are a mirage, and fulfillment is a ruse. This cannot be true. I know that when everyone oscillates in their calling, fulfillment is possible.




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Moses Ida-Michaels


Moses Ida-Michaels is a Speaker on He is a co-founder of Availsys, an IT Integrator. He is also a Counsellor and Pastor @EcclesiaHills, Lagos. He trained at the University of Jos, Copenhagen Business School and Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. His majors are Philosophy and Classics, International Law, Business and Oil & Gas Management. He has served businesses in Technology such as Internet Access, BPM and Industrial Automation.

Moses is an experienced Counsellor, Pastor and is curating a new conversation platform called CollideCentral. His objective is to help people make sense of today’s crowded world in themes such as identity, happiness, futility, social media avalanche, authentic voice and transformation.

He is married to Hadiza and they have 4 daughters.